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Bodhi herbal spa cosmetics

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Highlighted Features

only few reasons to chose bodhi cosmetics

100% Natural ingredients

The earth is green and fertile. It gives us everything we need for good health and proper nutrition. We have already learned to recognize bad processed foods and instead resorting to organic fruit, vegetables and grains. With respect to the cosmetics and skin care products, we are often not so cautious. Our skin absorbs everything we put on it. Therefore, it is also important to be aware on the proper use of cosmetics.

crafted with heart

Most of our Bodhi products are handmade. Together with that using traditional ancient natural methods. Also handmade supplies products uniqueness and quality. It meets not only all hygienic and safety standards, but also we pay high attention to the production today. Thus they have no negative impact on the ecology just as environmental friendly.

Not tested on animals

Our cosmetic products are manufactured according to GMP standards and are certified by the FDA in Thailand. The EU products registered in the European database for cosmetics - CPNP. Most of the materials came from the green economy and sustainable plantations, and meet the RSPO certification. The most important none of our products are tested on animals and cruelty-free