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Bodhi Cosmetics is original and unique Thai cosmetics based on the traditions of ancient Oriental spas will strengthen your spirit, moreover restore your natural beauty and health. Our products are based not just on traditional recipes and ancient wisdom, but also emphasizing the authenticity of origin. For this reason we use only traditional production methods based on pure natural ingredients, herbal extracts and essential oils. We are aware of the strong influence of medicinal aromatherapy too. It is equally important, our external appearance, closely connected with our inner being as well. As a result - our products - help to harmonize body and soul.

Not to mention using the right cosmetics will effectively protect you from unhealthy effects on the body, while helping to excel true beauty. It will also foster self-perception in harmony with nature. Furthermore the composition of cosmetic products are based on essential oils and pure plant extracts - the most generous gifts of nature. You can read more about their beneficial health and aromatherapy effects in the Instagram page.

In the matter of fact there are no harmful chemical compounds in our cosmetics that actually could accumulate in the body. As we also do not use ingredients that are not well known or whose effect has not been proven in the long term. Our products are fully certified, not tested on animals. Therefore Bodhi safe both for your body as for the environment, because we treat every manifestation of life on the planet with care and respect.

Bodhi and Nature

"Bodhi" is the harmony of nature. This great duo aliance demonstrate in details the eternal balance of plants and man. Especially our traditional recipes uniqully regenerate the body and mind into this natural state. Aromatherapy is known to have also a beneficial effect on mental well-being and balance, where natural ingredients enhance external beauty. Most importantly, all Bodhi products are made in accordance with time-proven traditions of body and skin care.

The spa is without doubt a joy of physical feelings and body care rituals. The beginnings date back to antiquity, made sense in the past and now have become a duty. In time, the mystery of the bath and the rituals used to cleanse and refresh the body became extremely attractive. We brought all the best to Bodhi cosmetics for that reason, because we care about quality. Our selected blends of essences will be your frenquetly source of beauty, health and pleasure.

The tropical climate of Southeast Asia provides not only a place for leisure and exotic holidays, but also ideal conditions for growing vegetation and plants. It is extremely rich in flora, which markedly abounds with substances with positive effects on beauty and health. In addition, the choice of fruits ripening under the equatorial sun and the abundance of flowers and herbs provide the basis to produce essential oils that are the basis for true herbal baths. Today Bodhi cosmetics will magically bring you to the edge of relaxation and meditation through it together with unique oriental fragrance
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